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Our experts do not focus only on the technical aspects but also concentrate on creating usable products.

Chirag Kalola – Founder & CEO

About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 2019, Actowis is a budding company in one of the busiest business cities of Gujarat, Ahmedabad. For over two years now, the organization is engaged in serving national and international clients with its stunning software solutions. The founder with his team of more than ten ingenious developers has a goal of helping 50+ clients each year with their exceptional solutions. Our present clientele is stretched over 20+ countries and we have already served 30+ industry domains worldwide with our solutions.

Everywhere in their sleep, dreams, wishes, and motives, technology is there in the hearts of our team members. The Actowis team brings out the best potential from the clients and helps them unleash their growth and profits with the perfect software solutions. We, at Actowis premises, navigate through the real market analysis and trends of the diverse industry to discover what’s perfect for our clients. We do the due diligence, act as a technology catalyst, and guarantee growth to our prospects.

Actowis has sworn to stick to its core values whether it be coding or corporate. Our values define who we are, what we do, who are our clients and customers, and what we stand for today!

Why Us?

The IT industry is getting flooded with companies that claim to deliver first-class solutions. They can hardly afford to hire industry experts and deliver what they have promised. But, at Actowis we stand out for our commitment, confidence, and corporate values. Once agreed, we never step back from stretching every bit to satisfy our clients with our in-house solutions. Wondering why us? Because we have:

Years of Expertise & Experience

solution development. We have a team of 10+ expert technical developers who fight day and night for client's better Our software developers have a varied range of experience from one to nine years and hands-on developing killer solutions for multiple industry sectors. At Actowis, expertise and experience are always on the table!

In-Depth Product Knowledge

Our techies are well-versed in product knowledge. Their abilities of in-depth research about the product help them build brilliant software every time. You would give us a pat on the back when we deliver you the desired software for your business!

Focused on Innovation

Innovation is the key to all our software solutions. Our objective is to create customized software for all our clients. We hear our clients loud & clear, welcome their ideas, make them personalized with our innovation strategies, and work on software development thoughtfully. We bet our solutions are unique, and that's what makes us stand out in the market!

Flexible Engagement Model

Actowis is flexible when it is about a project and its engagement model. We keep open-ended hours for every project we accept to ensure the best results. It does both: ● Give clients the flexibility to manage the evolving requirement specifications on an ongoing basis, and, ● Give us enough time to work on developing software depending on their respective business dynamics. We only do what our clients say is a priority!

We Provide Outsourced IT Services For Small & Mid-Sized Business

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Services We Offer

We make efforts from the bottom to take your revenues on the top. With the desired solutions, we guarantee delivery of unlimited resources, lifetime after-sale services, and doubled ROI.

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Chirag Kalola

Founder & CEO

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CEO Mindtech

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IT Consultant